Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st

Dear Elle,

We have been in Manhattan for a week now. You have danced on the big piano 4 different times and you think it's so fun. Every time someone comes to visit we walk them over there and you show them how it's done. Grandma and Grandpa came yesterday and you danced your little toe all over the piano. On Tuesday we went to the Children's museum of Manhattan and they had an entire exhibit devoted to Dora and Diego and you were so excited. You kept playing the Diego theme song and marching around. You went in Dora's living room and played on "baby bongo" (who has an entire episode devoted to himself, which you always request to watch after your nap). You went in Dora's room and laid right down on her big blue bed, oh, you were in heaven.

You are becoming very independent lately and everything I try to help you with, you say "do it yourself?!" which means you want to do it yourself, so we let you. You want to put on and take off your own shoes all the time and your clothes and feed yourself and wash your own hands and brush your own teeth. You are really comfortable being naked, it's hard to actually keep clothes on you, you just take them off and run around, your cute white tushi following behind. Sometimes Daddy comes home from work and you're only wearing a necklace and Mommy's flip flops. You are something else.

You are really in love with Tinkerbell these days. You want to watch her movie everyday and you tell me things like, "I can't fly when my wings are wet" or you act out parts of the movie. You have a Tink doll that you really love and you have tea parties with her. Sometimes we take her to the Apple store on 5th avenue and you let her drink tea and fly around and take her tiny little green shoes on and off and you feed her tiny little strawberries and cupcakes. You are a girl, right down to your tiny pink pedicure.

Faith, Trust and Fairy Dust,

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25th

Dear Elle,

This was your first weekend living in Manhattan. We had to move out of the house we were renting and our new house with your pink room isn't ready yet so Daddy's company is hosting us in a little apartment on West 58th street, just about one block from Central Park. Daddy will walk to work and we will get to spend lots of time with him since he won't spend any time commuting. We will get to have breakfast and dinner with him everyday for the next 4 weeks at least. It's very exciting.

Yesterday we moved in and we took a long walk at the park, you and I. We saw Elmo and Big Bird (Big bird was the puppeteer for Elmo which was kind of strange to watch). We saw Hello Kitty, a man making giant bubbles, and a man dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. When you saw a person dressed up as Hello Kitty you said, "That's big..."... which made think that all this time you thought the real Hello Kitty was "cat-sized", not the size of a small Asian man. It makes sense.

This morning we all slept very late, I have a feeling the city is going to do that to us, take lots of energy from us with all the noise and sights and different faces and smells. We have seen at least 20 different horses all dressed up for carriage rides in the park and I can't imagine what that's like for you since you've only ever seen one actual horse. And we live in the country! The city has everything.

We went to the Central Park Zoo today which was very nice but I think you were just, "meh." You were more interested in the statues of the animals, which you climbed on and poked at their eyes and mouths. Then we came back to the apartment and you had a nap and then you and I spend a good long time in bed, talking and snuggling. It was my favorite part of today. You sometimes say, "let's get in mommy's bed and get nice and comfortable" and that's what we did. I try to sing to you but you reach up and pinch my mouth closed by my lips, so I just keep quiet and kiss the back of your head.

Daddy then got us to rally and go back out and we took you to FAO Schwartz and it was like the most wonderful place you could have imagined. You squeezed up every stuffed animal and rode on everything that you could get a leg over. You danced on the big piano from the movie "Big" like you knew all about it. You owned that piano. 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Month 26

Dear Elle,

The other day, you used the potty for the first time! You are so funny about it, you get really quiet and you concentrate so hard and then you say,  "wisten"... and pee pees come out into the potty and then you ask for chocolate. Sometimes when I asked you if you want to go on the potty, you say, "you don't have to" which is what I say to you when you don't want to go.

Dad was using the bathroom the other day and you pushed the door open and said, "Good girl, Daddy!" You are so supportive.

This morning I heard you in your crib talking away and you said, "When I grow up, I'm going to turn into something else..." (which is from your favorite movie, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom where a caterpillar turns into a butterfly)... I wonder what you are going to turn into!

Your climbing skills are awesome and you can get anywhere you want at the playground. Way up higher than any of your friends. You say, "climb, climb, climb!" And sometimes when we pass someone in the stroller you say, "what's up?"...

You are the best.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Month 24

Dear Elle,

You had your 3rd Easter. You were only 10 days old at your first Easter! This year you were hunting for eggs and baskets and eating chocolate like it was your job! You got tons of puzzles and games and pajamas and candy from everyone that loves you. You are so lucky.

The other night I took stitches out of your chin while you were sleeping. How the heck did you get stitches in your chin? Well, Daddy was watching you one afternoon and you fell up the stairs and bumped your chin on the step. Daddy took you to the ER and you got 2 little stitches in your chin the day before your 2nd birthday party at Tot Town. It didn't slow you down one bit, you ran around with all your friends, Parker and Natalie, Winnie and Vern, Jillian and Amanda, Little Jillian and Bryson and Lucas.  Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie and Uncle were there, too. You wore a shirt with a cupcake that said, "Birthday Girl" and jeans and a tutu. You played in the grocery store, you liked to scoop up all the fake apples and put them into the cart all at once. Maybe you wanted to make applesauce? You went down the slide a bajillion times and then we had pink and green Dora and Boots cupcakes that you and Mommy made and we sang Happy Birthday and you were so excited!

You are even more into Dora if that's even possible and every day this week you woke up talking about Coney Island and chocolate ice cream. Dora and Boots went to Coney Island and it's all you can talk about so we are planning a trip to go there, too. And get ice cream.

Our new house in Redding is almost done and you call it, "Elle's house". We go there sometimes and you play in your room and I can just see you as a little girl growing up in there, playing house with your friends and your pink play kitchen, or all spread out on your bed reading books and listening to music and eating rice cakes and peanut butter, your favorite snack. (Never ever locking Mommy out of your room, by the way, or having boys up in there.)  Mommy is excited for Christmas at the new house, and you can wake up in your new room (in your Dora jammies, of course) and sneak down the stairs to see what Santa has left you under the tree. I have waiting all my life for Christmases with you and Daddy.

 We got you a little potty and we talk about the potty all the time and you run and sit on the potty with your clothes on and sometimes naked but you aren't ready to go pee pee on it yet, and that's okay. We watch "Elmo Potty Time" and you think its so funny when Grover sings a duet with Elmo and you do your best growly Grover voice and you say,"Hello, Everybody!!" When we get ready for bath and you are naked and running around you say, "My body! My body!" ... and I say, "I see a hiney..." and you said, " Do you want to bite it?" And yes, I do!

You repeat nearly everything we say. You say it with the same inflection, it's uncanny. Yesterday you said, "What's that?" and I said, "Well, it's a... air conditioner" and now you can have the whole conversation by yourself where you ask yourself what that is, and then you say what I said, the same exact way I said it. You're brilliant. You can count to 20, count to 10 in Spanish, you know all the letters, big and small and the sound they make. You know all the colors, even grey and white. You can put on and take off socks and shoes by yourself. You accessories with headbands and necklaces. You brush your own teeth and wash shampoo out of your hair in the bath. At 2, you are ready for Kindergarten.

We go on walks and look for bugs and dogs and flowers and listen for birds. You know the difference between crows and ducks and geese. Nana and Papa came to stay for a few days this week and you got some time with Izzy and you got to feed her bones and you think that is just awesome. You laugh with your entire body. You didn't figure out that she will eat anything off you plate that you don't want, so I'm glad you didn't try to stuff her with broccoli or kiwi. Maybe you will get a puppy someday. Someone to run with in the backyard, to sleep on the floor next to you and keep your company while you are falling asleep.

We read about 309 books a day, you really like Dr. Suess and lately you are loving, "Go Dog Go", "Polly's Pink Pajamas" and "A Color of His Own." You finish the ends of the sentences. I wonder if i will still be able to recite them from heart when you are old enough to read these letters yourself. Probably. They are pretty much rubbed into my brain with permanent marker.

You can run, and jump and kick a ball. You can bounce it and roll it. You try to blow bubbles but usually end up spitting on the bubble wand.  You love to run and pop them. You know you are supposed to wear a hat out in the sun so you, "Don't get sunburn" and when you wear a hat in the rain, you think it's for the same reason.

 You see the world as a magical place for you to live fearlessly and love recklessly and I'm learning so much from you.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Month 23

Dear Elle,
This week you turn 23 months. Here are some highlights from the month:

You are now obsessed with getting into your diaper at naptime. This makes Mommy crazy because you play with your poopies and make a big mess. (Yes, I said it. And if your not careful, i'll tell all your future boyfriends. ) We've started talking about the Potty and going poopies on the potty but when it comes time to do it, you just laugh and run away. I think you're playing with us.

The other day when you were in the tub, you farted. And you said, "Shhhh Mommy. I hear poopies."
After bath last night, you put your little naked arm around my shoulder, and one around your dad's and you squeezed us in tight and said, "My Guys!"
Last week i made you a waffle (after I had made you oatmeal and also cereal both of which you would not eat) and you said, "Mommy, put this in a bag" which i did because sometimes you will eat it out of a little baggie, and then you handed me the baggie and said, "Mommy, put this in the garbage"...
On Saturday morning, your dad let me sleep in a little and he got up at 7 with you. I could hear you both running around out in the living room and then it got really quiet. I heard the bedroom door open and then felt the covers start to peel back from the bed and your little face popped up right next to mine and you said, "Morning, Puddins!" (which I say to you almost everyday when I go get you in the morning.)

Just a few minutes ago,  you dragged the step stool over to the couch and climbed up to the top stair of it and threw yourself onto the couch into a somersault laughing like a maniac the whole time. Things are about to get dangerous interesting. I am now positive you have your Dad's sense of adventure.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Month 22

Dear Elle,

This week you turned 22 months old. I just rocked you to sleep for nap time and you made me sing Baby Beluga like 42 times. Each time I thought you were asleep, I'd start singing softer and slower until I wasn't singing, but you would pop your little head up off my shoulder, look square into my eye and scream "Baaabby Belllugaa!"  and then laugh like a maniac and kick and then settle right back into my neck and breathe your little warm air puffs onto my skin. You are funny. And now Mommy needs a nap, too.

You do this thing in your crib, where you stand on your head and put both your feet up on the top railing of the crib, and then kick one leg straight up to the sky. You do this all the time, stand on your head. The other day I went to get you up in the morning and not only were you upside down but both 'The Doras' were also standing on their heads leaning against the side of the crib. I think you are training acrobats in there.

We have had a lot of snow this month, some parts of Connecticut got over 3 feet, so after we went out to "shobel" we have been staying inside and doing crafts like finger painting and play dough and baking and you still love to put your blankey over your head and run around laughing as you almost (and sometimes) bang into things. You are getting very independent and if I try to help you with something you get very frustrated and scream, "no!" and you peel my hands off of whatever it is that you want to do by yourself. Sometimes when you have yogurt and you want me to let go you start squeezing it and yogurt goes everywhere, even in both of our hair. You know exactly what you want and you are the first to tell me if I am doing it wrong. That is a wonderful quality in an almost 2 year old. (Remind me to teach you about sarcasm someday.)

We have this area of the counter top next to the stove that has a few baskets with lots of stuff that we don't have anywhere to keep, like crayons and tape and glue and magazines and stickers and some snacks and you always want to get up there and look through the stuff.. the other day, you were climbing up Daddy's legs and pointing over there so Daddy picked you up and said, "do you need something?" and now you think that area of the house is called, "something"... it's so funny. You point over there and try to drag us to it, saying, "something! something!"...

Daddy and I took our first trip without you, we went to California to go snowboarding with our friends Ali and Reid. You stayed at Grammahouse and I think you got just a little bit spoiled. Grandma set up the entire garage with toys for you, a tricycle with a Minnie Mouse helmet, a sand table, slide and there were balloons with Elmo and one that said, "It's all about me" .. which is very true. I think you tired each other out but Gramma loved having you sleepover.  Dad and I missed you so much. When we got home we celebrated Valentine's Day and dad bought you a gigantic pink puppy and Mommy got your a little pink backpack with your name on it. Our hearts have grown so much with you in our lives.
I can't wait to see what you are up to next.


Month 21

Dear Elle,
Last week you turned 21 months. Sometimes I think you are almost 2, going on 15. You have started to understand the nuances of conversations and last week you made your very first joke. We were hanging around in the kitchen, you, daddy and me, and I was looking through the fridge for something to make for breakfast. I was asking you, "do you want eggy bread?  eggy bread,  egggggy bread?" You were playing with your little wheelie cars and weren't really paying attention to me, until you looked up and got this mischievous little grin on your face and said, "Eggy Mommy?" And then we laughed and laughed and Daddy said, "did you just make a joke?" and you were smiling so big. It was the best joke ever.

Okay. You have learned the word, "okay". And you use it all the time. When you want to watch your show on tv, you will say to me, "Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies, Buuuubble Guuupppies, Bubble GUPPIES, Buuuuuuuble Guppies..."  and then I'll say, "Oh, Bubble Guppies?" and you will say, "Okay.".... like I had suggested it and you are just going along with me because you don't want to rock the boat.

You learned how to play the drums, which is very impressive, being only 21 months old. Here is a little clip of your playing a song written and composed by you, entitled, "Hooray."

I love how you say "Horray, Mommy" in the beginning. It makes my heart melt.

You also learned how to jump and run really fast and kick and bounce a basketball and you can even read books, you are so smart. You turn the pages and say some of the words that you know and it's so wonderful how well you listen and how much you have learned.