Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You are due to arrive in two days, that is, the day after tomorrow. Your Daddy and I have been busy preparing for your arrival, and since the doctors said you could come early, we have been ready for weeks. I have our stuff packed for the hospital and a little mini bag for you with your clothes that you can wear home. We are very excited to meet you and to hold you and to show you your house and your room and all your toys. You have a beautiful white paper butterfly mobile in your room and it's all yours. Morgan and James were here yesterday and they were looking at all of your clothes, your little sweaters, your skinny jeans and your bathing suits and your teeny skull and crossbones hoodie that you can wear with a hot pink tutu. And the shoes, God, the shoes! Your family already loves you so much that they bought you tons of tiny shoes. James seems a little confused as to how you are going to get here, but we won’t let him in on those details just yet. I mean, he’s only 4. When you arrive, you can explain it to him, just go easy and leave out the gross parts.

You have had a busy morning. You slept in a little bit and then I had some Cheerios and that woke you right up, stretching out in my belly, kicking and rolling around. I bet you will love Cheerios once you join us on the outside, just like your Daddy. Right now you have the hiccups, which you seem to get everyday. Your Dad gets them a lot, too. You are going to be so happy when you meet your Daddy, he is very cuddly and patient and he is really sweet about tucking people in. He is a super smart man, your Daddy. Plus, he gives the best hugs. He has been talking to you and telling you it’s okay to come now… he has lots of things to show you! You already have a teeny pink life vest so you can come on the boat and watch daddy do wakerolls on the Sky Ski, which I am sure you are going to want to do when you are big enough. We will talk about it.

We got the new Ipad2 this week and we imagine you are going to be a whiz on it from the moment you can hold your head up. When you are old enough to read this there will probably be some holographic computer and we won’t even need screens or monitors at all. It will be an amazing time in the world for you to grow up in. Some day I will tell you stories about when I was in college and how we didn’t even have cell phones or computers and we actually had to go to the library to do research papers. What’s a library, you will say. You will think your Momma is so crazy. You will probably be all embarrassed by my saying that especially if I tell you in front of your friends. I hope there are still libraries when you grow up, cause Grandma is very excited to bring you there for music groups and storytime. She is very attached to the library cause she is way way older than me and that is what old people do for fun.

Today, April 5th, 2011, is especially rainy and damp but we are happy to have rain instead of the eleven feet of snow that have dumped on Connecticut this winter. We got so many feet of snow, that it was breaking through the roof and coming into the house! Luckily your Daddy is handy and he fixed it without much trouble. We were stuck inside for much of the winter with not much to do since the roads were so bad. Your Daddy let me watch “Sex and the City” episodes back to back even though he hates it since he felt bad for me that I was getting fat and my feet and hands were getting puffy and I was growing you inside me and he was just pretty much sitting around doing nothing and not growing any people. When you are in your 30′s there will probably be a new show for 30-somethings that is like “Sex and the City” but instead people will use time travel machines to rekindle relationships with ex-boyfriends and use hovercrafts to meet each other out for drinks in NYC. You will probably make fun of my “old people” version of SATC and I will say that that don’t make TV shows like they used to while I drink Cosmos with Auntie Jules and Auntie Adam.

This whole experience of growing you inside me has been the best thing I have ever done with my life. Sure, i miss little things like sleeping through the night and crossing my legs, but the first time I felt you move inside my belly I was so happy. I wanted you to be in there for such a long time. And when your Daddy felt you kick for the first time, his eyes got really big and he knew you were real, you were his and you were really coming to join our family. We saw you on the 3D Ultrasound a few weeks ago and you look just like him. You have big cheeks and wonderfully full lips. You are just beautiful. You also had your foot on your head and it made me think that maybe you will want to do yoga with me someday.