Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st

Dear Elle,

We have been in Manhattan for a week now. You have danced on the big piano 4 different times and you think it's so fun. Every time someone comes to visit we walk them over there and you show them how it's done. Grandma and Grandpa came yesterday and you danced your little toe all over the piano. On Tuesday we went to the Children's museum of Manhattan and they had an entire exhibit devoted to Dora and Diego and you were so excited. You kept playing the Diego theme song and marching around. You went in Dora's living room and played on "baby bongo" (who has an entire episode devoted to himself, which you always request to watch after your nap). You went in Dora's room and laid right down on her big blue bed, oh, you were in heaven.

You are becoming very independent lately and everything I try to help you with, you say "do it yourself?!" which means you want to do it yourself, so we let you. You want to put on and take off your own shoes all the time and your clothes and feed yourself and wash your own hands and brush your own teeth. You are really comfortable being naked, it's hard to actually keep clothes on you, you just take them off and run around, your cute white tushi following behind. Sometimes Daddy comes home from work and you're only wearing a necklace and Mommy's flip flops. You are something else.

You are really in love with Tinkerbell these days. You want to watch her movie everyday and you tell me things like, "I can't fly when my wings are wet" or you act out parts of the movie. You have a Tink doll that you really love and you have tea parties with her. Sometimes we take her to the Apple store on 5th avenue and you let her drink tea and fly around and take her tiny little green shoes on and off and you feed her tiny little strawberries and cupcakes. You are a girl, right down to your tiny pink pedicure.

Faith, Trust and Fairy Dust,