Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11 months

A few days ago you turned 11 months. In the last month you have started to communicate with us, using your signs and pointing at things. You can wave hello and goodbye and sometimes you do it with both hands. You bend your left hand at the wrist and bob it up and down and you bend the fingers on the right hand, curling them in and out. You have got waving covered. Today you did the sign for "more" which i have been showing you every day for the last few weeks. When you eat all the food on your highchair tray you kind of bang your little fist together and sometimes you get your fingertips to touch. It's so cute. You can walk around holding onto one of our hands and you have taken several steps in a row, gaining more and more confidence as the days go by. Today was an unseasonably warm day, 78 degrees in march, so we put on our shorts and we went down to the center of glastonbury and walked around, you just love checking out the sites and walking and walking. we stopped for some frozen yogurt and you had a little taste of banana froyo and you shook your head no no no no, but then came back for another bite. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe you got a little brain freeze?

You have started drinking out of sippy cup straws and juice boxes which is exciting because we are going to help you give up your bottle in the next month. You are eating almost everything now, mac and cheese, waffles, eggs, bananas, yogurt, sweet potato and you love broccoli and cauliflower. You love to smear it all over your hair and your face and last night when I was giving you a bath, there were green tops of broccoli floating around.

In a week and a half we will be waving goodbye with both hands to our house on Needletree Lane and moving all the way to the other side of the state on the lake while we build our new home. We have been busy packing and you have been "helping" by climbing into all the boxes and popping your little head out the top like a groundhog and then throwing all the clothes all over the place.

Everyday while we are out doing things together, many people stop me to tell me how adorable you are. Like I didn't already know. And it's lots of people, you are so incredibly cute, you draw people into your orbit like the sun. Look at those cheeks, they say. What a pretty little lady you are. Those eyes are just amazing. You usually smile and wave like a little princess. And then you are off, walking, waving goodbye and learning about the world, you don't mean to be rude, you just you don't have time to stand around talking about how cute you are. There is a whole big world out there and you are curious about everything.

The other day we were talking to Nana and Papa on the Ipad and you kept trying to flip it down so you could look behind it, trying to find them, thinking that they would be there. You are so smart. You are only 11 months old and you already are questioning how everything works. You know how to shake the maracas at music class and last week you were hammering away on a metal xylophone. You are learning about everything and everyday i get to watch your face as you discover something surprising or silly or unexpected.

Today you started to cry because you somehow banged yourself in the face with your little barbie jeep. I picked you up and started yelling at the jeep, saying, that jeep is a bad bad jeep, and why did it have to do that to you and it was such a bad jeep and i was very angry with it and you were laughing so hard. every time I said it you laughed hysterically even though you knew i was going to say it. I think you just liked that someone was in trouble and it wasn't you. And that your mommy had your back, and i do, no matter what.