Monday, November 12, 2012

New House

Dear Elle,
This is where our new house will be!

Love, Mama

18 and 19 Months

Dear Elle,
You have a favorite letter and it's "w". (You say it like, "double-vuf") You say it all the time and you laugh and laugh, and howl and shriek and stomp your feet and run around like that letter is doing stand up comedy and you already downed the two drink minimum. You have a video you like to watch over and over called "The Letter Factory" and the letter "W" is dressed up like a rapper with gold chains and some turntables and he has a little song that he sings about the letter "W" (..."when I play it over here the room it starts to shake, it's the sound that you make...wha wha wha wha wha whaaa W") When he's about to come on you scream for him and laugh and laugh. "Double-vuf! Double-vuf!" You find so much joy in the tiniest things and I am learning so much from you.

You are obsessed with Dora. We might have to have an intervention. The theme song is the first thing you ask me to sing for you in the morning and you can't go anywhere with out BOTH Doras. Mommy got you a Dora and then Grandma got you a Baby Dora to keep at her house, but nooooooo, you weren't having it. That Baby Dora was coming home with you, so help you God. Both Doras go everywhere with us, in the shopping cart at Shop Rite, buckled in the carseat under each of your arms, to the Doctors to get their ears checked and heart listened to, in the bathroom to brush all of our teeth. You also brush the teeth of the backpack on Dora's back, which is silly because backpacks don't have teeth. But you don't care, you will brush his little gummy smile anyway. It's so amazing to me that you are already preparing to be a Mommy yourself, you tuck in 'the Doras' on the couch to watch some Dora and you kiss them on their foreheads. You are taking all the cues from me, so I better not mess this up. Sometimes you ask to take 'the Doras' into the bathtub but we have to draw the line somewhere because we all know 'the Doras' can't swim.

You might have noticed that these two months are combined into one letter and you might want to know why that is. Well. We have been very very busy and time has been going by so very fast that I haven't had much time to write. We are working hard on our new house, picking out all the stuff to go inside and they have been building the frame of the house and grading the landscape and working on a beautiful stone wall that is right out in front. We have gone there quite a bit lately and you just want to dig in the dirt and pick up rocks and I wonder if you will even remember what it was like when the house wasn't there. I think you will always know this house to be your house even though you actually have lived in two different houses already and you are only a year and a half.

You are talking up a storm and you say the funniest things. Lately you have been saying, "Aww Honey.." after you heard one of us say it and it's so cute. You sound just like a 95 year old Italian Grandmother. You also repeat pretty much anything you hear and you can say mommy's car, grandma's house, daddy's working, no no more noodles, huggin', thanks, juice and you have been saying "please" a lot more which is always sweet to hear. Right now you are playing with the iPad and switching between reading "The Cat in the Hat", doing some puzzles and working on your farm animal sounds. You just walked up to me and shoveled a handful of organic cheddar bunnies into my mouth with such force I think you touched the little punching bag in the back of my throat. I was trying to say, "no, thank you, sweetie", but when I opened my mouth you just stuffed them in my face. I have a feeling you are going to be President.