Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Months

Dear Elle,
Last week you turned 10 months old. I happen to be a bit behind on writing this letter to you. Why, you ask? Because you have been a very busy girl which means I have been a very busy Mommy. The other day you learned how to climb up the entire staircase and you are always racing over to it to practice your new trick. I have to be fast to keep up with you. You cruise on everything and you can actually walk behind your little dinosaur walker. You roll all over the house with that guy. You can free stand for a long time, all by yourself, just standing there, not holding on to anything, just looking around like you are waiting for a bus or something.

Today Daddy left for a business trip to Vegas and you and I were getting ready for bed and hanging out in our room and I was putting away some laundry and you were playing with the basket. You slid it over to the side of my bed and used it as a step stool to get up on the bed and then laughed and laughed. I keep hitting you in the face with a little green pillow from our bed and i would say "poof" when it would hit you and you would laugh so hard. You are such a joyful child.

You are getting 4 new teeth on top, the two fronts and the sides. The side teeth are coming in fast and they look like little fangs. We sometimes call you Fang, I hope you don't mind. We have been introducing you to some new foods to try and I think you have a distinguished palette. Yesterday I gave you mac and cheese and you stuck out your little tongue and rubbed the pasta across it, so you didn't have to actually commit to going in your mouth before you decided if you liked it or not. Then you popped it in your mouth and sucked all the cheese off it and then spit it out. You love your cheese.

Last month in my letter to you I told you we were getting ready to sell our house and the update on that is that the house is sold. It was only on the market for 2 weeks, so I guess we did a good job with the renovations. We are moving in 5 weeks over to Matt and Bunny's house that they are going to let us rent on Candlewood Lake. We are going to have such a fun summer, we can go on the boat all the time and play and swim and you can watch us foil board and sky ski. We will be close to Grandma and Auntie Traci and Uncle Paul and Tia and Uncle Pete and all your cousins and we will get to see everybody all the time. We are so lucky.

You can mimic sounds you hear and I am trying to teach you some basic words and signs. I show you "more" and you laugh. I say, "mama" and you laugh. You think everything is so funny. We play some hardcore peek-a-boo in this house where we hide on you and then pop out and you almost faint from all the excitement. Or I give you the old trick peek-a-boo where I pop out of one place and then hide again and creep to a different spot and pop up somewhere else. We spend lots of time playing together and I am so thankful I get to see you laugh and play. You are such a beautiful child.

We just got up, me and you and you are sitting in your high chair eating blueberry waffles and bananas. and cheese. I am sitting right next to you and we are watching HGTV and getting ideas for the new house we will build. You have learned how to hold your bottle now, so you like to lounge on my lap and drink your milk and i like to sit right there with you, drinking my tea. Our mornings together are the best.