Sunday, November 13, 2011

7 Months

Exciting news, Elle! This morning you woke up with your very first tooth. Your bottom left. Your daddy went in to get you when we heard you talking to yourself in your room (i wonder what you were saying!) He brought you into bed with us to play and cuddle until it was time for breakfast and you pulled his finger into your mouth and bit down with your new tooth. You are so funny like that, with your physical comedy. Just like the time last week when your daddy came home from work, very excited to see you, and you were just as excited to see him, you reached up and grabbed his cheeks with both of your little chubby hands, leaned right into his face like you were going for a kiss, and then burped up his nose. That's mommy's girl. :)

In two days you will be 7 months old. You can get up on your hands and knees like you are going to crawl, but then you slide back down onto your tummy. You aren't ready for that yet and that's okay. It doesn't stop you from getting where you want to go, you can roll there or scoot or if your toys are on top of a blanket you just pull the blanket to make the toys come to you. You are very resourceful! You can reach up and pull on my hair, but sometimes you have such good vision and motor skills that you can just pull on ONE of my hairs. Ouch! Your dad and I say "Ouch" a lot because you like to scratch and slap our faces and kick us in the throats. Even though it hurts, it's really funny.

We started doing Mommy and Baby yoga and we have a good time together. You like to feel the yoga mat and you love to play with the scarves and you fall into a fit of giggles when I do up dog and then down dog over you, I think you think I'm crazy.

Last week a rare snow storm hit Connecticut which was very early in the fall to have snow and the trees hadn't lost their leaves yet and the weight of the snow and ice pulled down many trees and power lines and left Connecticut in the dark for 9 days. It was the first time in the history of the state that we were out of power for so long. It forever changed the landscape of Connecticut, so many trees came down, old beautiful huge oaks and maples lost all their branches and now are just tall tree trunks. Almost every tree that around here has broken or missing branches, and some of the limbs are just hanging upside down. Our front yard was full of huge branches and it took Daddy days and days with the chainsaw to clean it all up. Lucky for us, Grandma has a generator so we went to live with her again and she was very happy to have us.

Right now it's early on Sunday morning and you are taking your nap, and Daddy too is taking and nap and the house is very quiet. We were going to get together with Morgan and James today but James woke up with the throw ups so we are going to see them another day instead. So now we have the whole day free, just you, me and dad. I think we will take Dad shopping at Macy's because he needs a new winter coat. I think we will also get you some baby puffs that you can start to learn to eat with your new tooth.