Thursday, September 27, 2012

17 Months

Dear Elle,

This week you turned 17 months old. You have really grown tall and lean and have gone up a shoe size in the last few weeks. You can reach all the doorknobs now and try to close and open doors all over the house. You can also reach the kitchen drawer handles and pull yourself up to see what's on the counter. You are so fast with those little hands. The other day I put some crumbcake on a plate to share with you and we walked over to the table holding the plate and when i put it down I realized there was no crumbcake on it, but it was in your hand and I was holding an empty plate. Mom is so crazy walking around with an empty plate.

You and your dad have an awesome time together. He plays with you and you shriek and squeal and laugh so hard. He gets down on the floor and you put your blanket on his head and he flails around looking for you and you run circles around him and then jump on his back and try to ride him. Then you say "hug!" and give him a bear hug and he feels so lucky and happy that you think he's so cool. It's like the rest of the world fades out and it's just you and him in this little bubble of special dad and Elle time. Then you go right back to screaming and kicking and running and laughing. You guys play with the Dora legos all the time and you have a little Dora that sits on top of the legos and you make Dad kiss it. You push his face towards her and you watch very carefully to make sure he does it. He is seriously putty in your hands.

You are starting to recognize things out in the world and it makes me realize that you are so very smart. Yesterday we were walking into Shop-Rite very early in the morning, going to pick up some milk and some organic pears and bananas (which you say like ba-la-ba-la-la) and you looked up at the big letters on the front of the store and said, "SSSS" and I couldn't believe it. You are so smart.

You can say so many words now, new ones everyday. You say "help" when you need it and "please" when you want something and we aren't moving fast enough to get it for you. You know most of your body parts and you can point to them all when we sing if you're happy and you know it... You have some new friends from the Mom's group we joined and you like Parker the best. You say his name like you are from Boston.. "Par-car"

You are getting very good with your utensils.. as I write this you are eating mac and cheese and blueberries with your pink fork and watching Elmo's Alphabet Jungle. You tell me all the time you want to watch TV and sometimes you say "show" which means to put on Dora or Elmo for you. I give you a little rag and you clean your tray on your highchair and wipe your face.

We stared swimming class at the YMCA and you are learning to kick your legs and scoop with your hands and float on your back and climb out of the pool and jump in and blow bubbles in the water. You are a little fish, you love the water and you like to swim after the little rubber ducks they have to help you to learn.

If you're happy and you know it.. shout hooray!
We are. And we do.