Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Month 23

Dear Elle,
This week you turn 23 months. Here are some highlights from the month:

You are now obsessed with getting into your diaper at naptime. This makes Mommy crazy because you play with your poopies and make a big mess. (Yes, I said it. And if your not careful, i'll tell all your future boyfriends. ) We've started talking about the Potty and going poopies on the potty but when it comes time to do it, you just laugh and run away. I think you're playing with us.

The other day when you were in the tub, you farted. And you said, "Shhhh Mommy. I hear poopies."
After bath last night, you put your little naked arm around my shoulder, and one around your dad's and you squeezed us in tight and said, "My Guys!"
Last week i made you a waffle (after I had made you oatmeal and also cereal both of which you would not eat) and you said, "Mommy, put this in a bag" which i did because sometimes you will eat it out of a little baggie, and then you handed me the baggie and said, "Mommy, put this in the garbage"...
On Saturday morning, your dad let me sleep in a little and he got up at 7 with you. I could hear you both running around out in the living room and then it got really quiet. I heard the bedroom door open and then felt the covers start to peel back from the bed and your little face popped up right next to mine and you said, "Morning, Puddins!" (which I say to you almost everyday when I go get you in the morning.)

Just a few minutes ago,  you dragged the step stool over to the couch and climbed up to the top stair of it and threw yourself onto the couch into a somersault laughing like a maniac the whole time. Things are about to get dangerous interesting. I am now positive you have your Dad's sense of adventure.


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