Sunday, February 17, 2013

Month 21

Dear Elle,
Last week you turned 21 months. Sometimes I think you are almost 2, going on 15. You have started to understand the nuances of conversations and last week you made your very first joke. We were hanging around in the kitchen, you, daddy and me, and I was looking through the fridge for something to make for breakfast. I was asking you, "do you want eggy bread?  eggy bread,  egggggy bread?" You were playing with your little wheelie cars and weren't really paying attention to me, until you looked up and got this mischievous little grin on your face and said, "Eggy Mommy?" And then we laughed and laughed and Daddy said, "did you just make a joke?" and you were smiling so big. It was the best joke ever.

Okay. You have learned the word, "okay". And you use it all the time. When you want to watch your show on tv, you will say to me, "Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies, Buuuubble Guuupppies, Bubble GUPPIES, Buuuuuuuble Guppies..."  and then I'll say, "Oh, Bubble Guppies?" and you will say, "Okay.".... like I had suggested it and you are just going along with me because you don't want to rock the boat.

You learned how to play the drums, which is very impressive, being only 21 months old. Here is a little clip of your playing a song written and composed by you, entitled, "Hooray."

I love how you say "Horray, Mommy" in the beginning. It makes my heart melt.

You also learned how to jump and run really fast and kick and bounce a basketball and you can even read books, you are so smart. You turn the pages and say some of the words that you know and it's so wonderful how well you listen and how much you have learned.


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