Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Dora

Dear Elle,
You are intensely focused. Yesterday we took you to NYC with Nana and Papa and on the way home on the train you were so good, so very involved in your iphone, you didn't move a muscle, you just played with your phone like all the businessmen around you. The man sitting next to you said you were much better behaved than most adults he usually sits next to.

The other day we were Christmas shopping and you were getting bored so I gave you a Dora doll to hold. This Dora was in a box with her neck and legs strapped in with little plastic rings. Just a few seconds after I gave you the box you looked at her and said, "Mommy, get scissors." How did you know that scissors were what you needed? You have never even seen scissors! I just stood there looking at you just in awe of what you know. And you just sat there in the cart looking back at me probably wondering why I wasn't getting you the scissors.


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